My work is diverse in its subject matter and its inspiration. I’m interested in capturing the atmosphere of a certain time or place, and in translating the sensation of touch or smell into something visual. I do this mainly through collage and drawing. 


Drawing has always been my primary medium, but in recent years I’ve also started making collages. The knife has inevitably become a new drawing instrument for me. I aim to put the same subtlety, freedom and diversity into the cuts as the marks a pencil would make. This way I cut out forms, but I also make drawings on the paper itself, scratching and making slight incisions with the knife.


The tension between the illusion that a work of art can evoke and the material reality of the image is something that intrigues me. Experimenting with this runs like a thread through all my work. With my collages for example I hope to transport the viewer to another place in the world. At the same time, bulges, visible glue residues and apparently casually added shapes reveal that the works are "merely" layers of glued and painted pieces of paper.


I have a BA in History from De Vrije Universiteit and BA in Fine Arts from the Rietveld Academy, and currently live and work in Amsterdam. I am available for commissions.



I am also member of art society De Ploegh in Amersfoort. You can visit their website at www.deploegh.nl.




For any  questions or comments please get in touch with me at info@mariekevanenk.com


I'm also on Instagram. You can follow me there to see work in progress.