vensters op de seizoenen  (2021/2022)

Windows To The Seasons is a site specific work for the 2022 exhibition NECTAR Art and Urban Nature in the Sint Joriskerk in Amersfoort (curated by Harald Schole)

Nature seems far away in the centre of Amersfoort, yet that was the inspiration for these four collages. For a full year I observed nature and the changing seasons just around the Sint Joris Church. Among the bricks, it’s brimming with cells multiplying and growing. These collages magnify the small and inconspicuous, turning the city into a jungle. They show an urban paradise of sorts where nature has taken over and humans play a small(er) part. Each work fits into one of the many alcoves of the church and shows a cityscape built up out of different corners, streets and squares in the immediate surroundings. Hundreds of brightly cut pieces of paper construct the images giving the alcoves the likeness of stained glass windows.


Four collages, acrylic on paper

Summer 141x71cm

Fall 140x76cm

Winter 50x24cm

Spring 120x70cm